A person so invested in a specific topic that any time the subject is breached they ruin the conversation by picking apart banal minutiae for an extended period of time
Tom: "What did you think about Inception?"
Rick: "Oh God, don't bring it up. I just listened to two gooches talk about totems for hours..."
by zachfree January 27, 2011
Right between the balls and the asshole, lies the gooch.

The male species often enjoys the fondling of the gooch as well as the tickling,stroking,flicking, licking, swatting and massaging the region of and around the gooch.
Uncle Bob's breath smelt just like a darn gooch.
by whatsthebeat January 16, 2013
The stretch of skin between the nut sack and the asshole
Man Riley's gooch stinks, I can smell it from here!
by Fuckme0 May 30, 2015
Anatomically speaking, the "gooch" is the perinal body located between the anal triangle and urogenital triangle of the perineum. This region in the body consists of connective tissue that anchors the mid-line between the urogenital and anal triangles. It is also the midpoint of the following four anatomical landmarks: the pubic symphysis, the left and right ischial tuberosities, and the coccyx bone.
Upon performing sexual intercourse, Jack's penis slipped out and touched the "gooch," posterior to the vagina.
by MoeNasty April 15, 2015
Area of the male anatomy between the nutsack and bumhole.
Markus Becker slipped on the balance beam and split his gooch!
by GoochOfSteel July 29, 2011
1. A particular area between any two clearly definable points.
2. A reference to any undefined item of interest.
(Ex. 1) "Gentlemen, it appears we are in the gooch."

(Ex. 2) "What is that gooch over there?"
by Gooch73 December 22, 2014
Short for Gucci, to be used as "awesome" or everything is great!
Hey brahhh... How you feeling today. Bro... I'm Gooch!
by EZPawn Shooter December 13, 2014
an aboriginal way of saying your ass. such as when one of your friends shave their gooch
shaving your gooch
by inu June 05, 2015
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