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A person so invested in a specific topic that any time the subject is breached they ruin the conversation by picking apart banal minutiae for an extended period of time
Tom: "What did you think about Inception?"
Rick: "Oh God, don't bring it up. I just listened to two gooches talk about totems for hours..."
by zachfree January 27, 2011
refered to as the big landing strip between those rusty peaches and your cornhole
aw dude i got a date tonite can u shave my gooch
by mathew sanchez August 30, 2010
The middle part between your asshole and vagina
My gooch ripped when i had my baby and they had to sew it back together.
by byee December 11, 2011
The Wooley Crack between the Ass-Hole and the Ball-Sack
When i saw the gooch it looked like a sheep was sleeping there.
by Stoegenhousenvanderhougal March 06, 2011
one of the most notorious and feared street gangs in the uk who come from an area in manchester called moss side
gooch poppin, niggaz droppin
by gio TT September 18, 2006
Word made popular by the MTV show Laguna Beach.

Meaning, Really Cool... Awesome, Great. A term for enthusiasm.

The meaning of Gooch before this one came, was that it's a certain section of a guy's anatomy.

Dude! Did you see American Idol last night? It was gooch!
by Ryan3757 January 10, 2006
a gut and a cooch
look at the gooch on that fat chick!
by urban o.g. July 24, 2012
What Adam Wilson most looks like....
Holy S**t that guy looks like a Gooch!!
by DtotheGtotheB December 13, 2010