A person so invested in a specific topic that any time the subject is breached they ruin the conversation by picking apart banal minutiae for an extended period of time
Tom: "What did you think about Inception?"
Rick: "Oh God, don't bring it up. I just listened to two gooches talk about totems for hours..."
by zachfree January 27, 2011
the region between your asshole and your balls
ah, man my gooch hurts
by akdasadasd February 23, 2012
Also known as the taint. Tis the area between the nutticles and the crack. Many consider it to be holy and spiritual, if punched hard enough it can cause bowel movements.
Fodder: Hey.. This is a bit of an awkward question, but I've been having trouble going.. Ya know.. Number two... Could you give my gooch a nice hit?

Reginald: ANYTIME
by Tarzan of the jungle May 14, 2013
Any employee of Whole Foods Market, coined after their pay stub heading "Mrs Gooch Natural Foods Mkt Inc." Also a fitting title for any employee of any company who's told he's fortunate to have such a great job at such a great company by management or handlers within any such two faced, new age, politically correct corporation.
Yo what up, gooch!? Still slinging bullshit at the Food Hole?

Look at those fucking gooches going to the master's house to lick gooch and smile.
by bindle_Stiff September 18, 2014
The act of making all four bean bags into the hole in a single turn in the game of cornhole.
"Yo Eric, when I make this shot you are going to get gooched." *makes shot* "Yes! I got a gooch!"
by retardedllama14 July 05, 2015
When you take a shot, do a line, and then take a shot again
Josh did ten Gooch's one time and got really fucked up.
by Pmack April 10, 2015
A large Saharan sandworm that preys on small black children. A close relative of the Mongolian Death Worm and the worms from the movie "Tremors."
Darius: "Make sure your daughter stays near you on the trip, the Algerian gooch might try to eat her."
TeeJay: "Aight man, thanks."
by p00nSlayer March 16, 2014
Outdoor game involving a frisbee, pitching wedge, and golf ball. Players toss the frisbee then try to pitch their balls from the tossing spot to within a clubs length of the frisbee in the least amount of strokes. Whoever has their ball closest to the frisbee in the least amount of strokes wins that Hooch and tosses the frisbee to a new spot. First to win 3 Hooches wins a Gooch. Hooches reset to 0 to begin competing for the next Gooch. Once a player reaches 3 Gooches they have won and become THE GRAND-MASTER GOOCH and all players that lost must get down on both knees and grovel to the winner by raising hands to the sky and bending over to touch the ground at the winner's feet thrice.
It was a sunny summer day and the park was filled with rousing games of Gooch and grovelers.
by GoatChedda June 05, 2012

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