faggot, cockersucker, queer
Tom Daschle is a goober smoocher.
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
A person who likes to kiss dicks. Bitch that teases you with thinking your going to get the best damn blow job ever, but she never follows through. Also a funny cut down to call someone you want people to think they kiss dicks.
That Jane sure is a goober smoocher. She is such a cock tease.
by Mr. Dirthole March 22, 2012
some one who french kisses buttholes
that mike skaggs gets freaky i heard he once goober smooched some guy, wow what a goober smoocher.
by uberdonuts January 29, 2011
makin yourself look like someone from the homosexual community.
allen is such a goobersmoocher
by homelesshomey April 03, 2004

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