the eye crust before it dries and its all saucy like drop of snot but some how it just sits in the corner of your eye
Goooood morn-
Holy crap! honey you got a huge eye goober!
by KyleSmile&DogPile November 01, 2008
A goober is one of those little fat kids with ambiguous gender, red lips, rosy cheeks, a shiny bowl-cut, and maybe a little food on his/her face. A goober always has a big, stupid smile on its face, and has a dumb, gargly laugh. It wears one-color, oversized pastel-colored shirts, and shorts without pockets, and Sketchers.
oh man, that's one funny lookin kid

yeah i don't let my children play with goobers either.
by Pski October 05, 2008
The offspring of two particular cutiepies named Josh and Sydney. Goobers, in this proper context, are ridiculously cute; with the boys often resembling Dierks Bentley - country singer and stud extraordinaire. The first goober is expected to arrive on February 3rd, 2007.
"... sorry... I'll be busy on February 3rd. We'll be in the hospital... having the first goober!"
by The Patriarch de Goobers December 02, 2006
What happened to my sister one day..often followed by a short sporadic jolt of the body a small snort and some drool, Also called dry sex or wimpy sex.
The mood was tense in the room with the TV flickering in the background...Larry lay fully clothed on Sam trying desperately to get her into the mood, failing this Larry desided to rub himself on Sam like a dog on heat, jolted then drooled then fell asleep...

SAM: "EWWWw did u just GOOBER on me???""
by korbo October 11, 2006
a huge retard that acts like a dumbass and is one. Also, a goober tends to run like a chicken and with his fly open.
Jake is a such a goober.
by Bret M. June 22, 2006
(n) In short, an extremely bookish, nerdy, or geeky person, particularly if they dress in a ridiculous or unfashionable way.

See also: Uber Goober
"That guy's a real Goober."
"It's GOOBER time!"

Jay Leno
by midgetben August 11, 2005

A straight up pimp who does nothing but mac on "hott babes" all day. This playa hits the clubs and bangs the babes, hes what Wilson was talking about
man, that Mike Jones is a real Goober
by shawntheCanadianfromCanada August 11, 2005

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