A person having ricockulous homeliness and a tendancy towards redneck demeanor, activities, and intellect.
That snaggle-toothed, retarded looking, redneck Clint is such a fucking Goober.
by FagBoy June 26, 2005
a penis and a goober licker is a person who has oral sex.
You might say.. your a goober.. and then the other person might say your a goober licker and then the other person will say no I'm not and then the OTHER person will say thats the problem
by RamaHater June 11, 2005
one how no one likes; the butt of all jokes
Blair and David are the biggest goobers at ARGS
by the cool one from surry May 13, 2005
A word used to describe Aletheia. Usually in a good way. Can mean crazy, warm hearted, yet unusual person.
Altheia is a goober the size of my booger.
by Lafawnduh April 07, 2005
a chocolate covered peanut or a jar of peanut butter and jelly mixed together
when i went to the movies with bob we got goobers after having sex in the seats
by rachael January 28, 2005
A peanut that likes to wear monacles and thongs...and also wear a hat and carries a cane. Likes to take people up the ass and against the wall. May be found in many different styles...such as "Teen Preganancy Goober", and "Ninja Goober".
Wow that goober is looking FIIIINE in his thing and monacle. Where is the nearest wall?
by Joober January 23, 2005
Old term describing a hippotamus penis.
Adam being a huge goober tonight.
by Harry January 09, 2005

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