A Goober is usually a goofball or a sore thumb from the group of friends. He usually tends to forget things on purpose, therefore he is harrassed. He will take personal belongings from you and try to avoid thus person until he realizes that he needs a new item.
Wtf is that guy doing?? idk he must be a goober.

hey go talk to that girl..Na shes not into goobers.

Lets club 2nite?? Na.. i'd rather stay home like a goober
by coach-val April 03, 2011
a person who sits in the bathtub and when they fart they eat the bubble.
I heard he's a goober
by tangle March 16, 2011
a beautiful man with personality, charm and style, relaxed and down to earth but with exacting high standards, outrageous sense of humor, comfortable in his own skin in all situations, a man who takes care of his looks in an old english sense of way yet still reeking masculine qualities, easily approachable, yet more than a challenge to win over and keep, knows exactly who he is and possessing steel-like inner confidence in approach and attitude, always ready to take a strong lead, yet with a mysterious vulnerability making him all the more attractive to the men who want to be like him and the women who want to be with him.
Matty is such a total goober, I'm not sure what it is, but I just can't get him out of my head, I'll never forget the night he looked at me and smiled with that handsome, boyish grin. Look, I still have goose bumps!
by Crystal Chanda Lier December 17, 2010
When you have a fat ass and you fart and the skin ripples.
Dude stop fucking goobering its nasty.
by achoholicsementhrower69 October 20, 2010
A goober is not generally a funny person. It (can not be referred to by sex as they are asexual) love video game t-shirts and typically can not hold a normal conversation with a NON-goober. They also think Linux is the only operating system worth using and love telling you that in way too many words. Usually engineer/physics/computer science (or in goober speak comp sci)/math major - for college level goobers. For "professional" goobers they like to carry pocket protectors and go to comic book conventions.

Note: Usually do not shower more than once a week due to extensive playing of WoW maps on Starcraft 2.
Look at that f*ckin goober! Bet he masturbates to WoW while coding in Linux
by look at that f*ckin goober.com August 30, 2010
Usually a funny older person, but also can mean a stupid, grasping, corrupt politician, as in GOOBERnatorial elections...
If you think he's bad, take a look at the VICE-GOOBER!
by ChampsElysees August 14, 2010
when a man "raw dogs" it in the vagina of a woman and if he doesn't get a load off then he takes it out of the vagina and reinserts it in the rectumj for a second try all while not wearing a condom so when he finally gets the deed done and exits both holes his johnson resembles the inside of a jar of goober
I've been receiving mad goobers since practicing on my dog.
by tophieCC May 02, 2010

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