im pretty sure its a candy... like peanuts covered in chocolate or sumthin lol.... maybe raisins or carmal in chocolate i dunno
I eat goobers!! yum!!
by *~Kelsey~* May 26, 2004
batty boy.
I am goober the batty boy.
by Little miss btchy May 18, 2004
Ugly, tall, lanky male. Often has pimples the size of South Africa and a disgusting protruding mouth (and gonorrhea).
Boy 1: I know you've never hooked up with anyone, you're too ugly!
by Reid Parker May 14, 2004
a booger.
Hey Libby, you've got a little goober hanging out your nose.
by Iodine April 04, 2004
someone who does something extremely uncool.
Oh my gawd, you are such a goober!
by Sheila S February 04, 2004
a complete jack-weed or moron
your such a goober tom, you put you dick in the wrong hole again?
by Fred Nichols January 02, 2004
1. A chocolate-covered peanut, often served in conjunction with raisinettes.

2. A wad of semi-hardened mucus which accumulates in ones nose.

3. A doofus- or ineffectual and silly person.
Pass me some goobers!

Look at this huge goober I pulled outa my nose!

My friend Eric is a total goober!
by Malcolm X-crement January 02, 2004

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