Old term describing a hippotamus penis.
Adam being a huge goober tonight.
by Harry January 09, 2005
word established by Perry, describing my brother.
Your brother is a goober.
by marjuana December 23, 2004
An eye booger, those things u get when you wake up in the morning..
Eww dude, wipe that sick goober off your eye its making me sick!!
by Val November 02, 2004
n. Offensive Slang, Chiefly Southern U.S.

1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class. Very similar to redneck, with emphasis on lack of intelligence as opposed to bigotry.
2. Political pundits concerned with demagogue issues.
If you proudly use Bush/Cheney stickers to keep your truck's tailgate up, you might be a goober.
by Richard Frank November 01, 2004
1) chocolate cover pnuts
2) a big ol booger hangin outcha nose
3) someone being a tard; bein dorky on purpose
4) same as number 3, but NOT being done on purpose
5) a lil wee-wee
1- Hey girl, hand me one of them goobers before the movie starts

2- Woah buddy, getchu a kleenex, you gotta big ol goober

3- Omylanta, you are such a goober!

4- Omylanta, ugh, he is such a goober...

5- When my cousin was little, so was his goober.
the most retarded fucking cat in the world...possibly in the universe
goober ran into the window trying to get to a bird
by jessica August 04, 2004
Any male caucasian who lives in the south, regardless of their level of education. Also highly likely to be inbred.
The south is full of nothing but Goobers and Spearchuckers.
by Song Of The South August 04, 2004

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