One who is very tall, goofy, often an athlete. Can be found complaining and recieving very little respect.
by reverend esteban December 14, 2008
the eye crust before it dries and its all saucy like drop of snot but some how it just sits in the corner of your eye
Goooood morn-
Holy crap! honey you got a huge eye goober!
by KyleSmile&DogPile November 01, 2008
A goober is one of those little fat kids with ambiguous gender, red lips, rosy cheeks, a shiny bowl-cut, and maybe a little food on his/her face. A goober always has a big, stupid smile on its face, and has a dumb, gargly laugh. It wears one-color, oversized pastel-colored shirts, and shorts without pockets, and Sketchers.
oh man, that's one funny lookin kid

yeah i don't let my children play with goobers either.
by Pski October 05, 2008
A person who can be filed under one of the following catargories.

1. Is annoying beyond belief.

2. Seems to ask you to do something at the most inappropriate time.

3. Is also considered a Gumby or Gimp.
1) Robert - "Did you see Simona try to
tell Billy what to do?"

John - "Yeah, What a Goober!"

2) Martin - "Where the hell is Goober?"
by Bunstre Duxton July 15, 2008
1.) A derogatory word from contemporary American English similar in meaning to idiot or "scatterbrain".

2.) Australian slang for semen.
"That guy in Human Resources is a complete goober!"

"The coach is a total goober!"
by Charlie43 July 13, 2008
An oafish dimwitted goofball from a small town, usually from the Southern or Midwestern states, but can also be found in the American Southwest , Pacific Northwest and occasionally the more rural areas of New England. Similar to a hick but with more limited cognitive abilities (as hard to swallow as that might be). Goobers can have lovable characteristics, but that’s not always set in stone.
On the movie Deliverance the guys who sodomized Ned Beatty were hillbillies, while the retard with the banjo was simply a harmless goober.
by McLuvin505 May 03, 2008
processed feces from youngling intestines rabbit pellets resembling Boston Baked Beans. Found in some adults only after 'Corn-On-The-Cob' binges. Usually high in methane.
"Honey, can you change that diaper, those goobers are reeking!"
by Dave Lucas May 01, 2008

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