1. Someone who is generally silly and does not take anything seriously.
2. See also goober pea
I used to be a such a goober during high school, but now I've wisened up.
by JKLee September 09, 2005
Someone who acts crazy and makes people laugh, sometimes knowing it or not. Another way of calling some a nut.
Did you see what Karen just did she is such a goober.
by kmill345 December 30, 2008
a dork; someone who does something of dork manner
I forgot where i put my glasses, oops there on my head!!
you are such a goober!!!
by Missy June 13, 2004
a very attractive baseball player at whitman highschool who is the hottest sophomore vietnemese kid.the only bad thing about him is he is very shy
Lau: holy shit theeres goober...hottest guy in our grade
Steph: AMEN to that!!
by syracuse December 10, 2004
stupid person, airhead, slow
1 + 1 doesnt equal to 11, it equals to 2 ya goober!
by tiff March 12, 2004
Testicles; Ball sacks
Do you wanna lick my goobers, mate?
by Lord_Popo_ April 02, 2015
A precious girl that is prestigious person/thing
My girlfriend is my goober
by KiD K February 21, 2015

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