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An inferior human being, underling or extra in a group of people. A goober is there to make the group look more menacing by adding numbers, but individually the goober fails on many levels. Within a group, a goober can add their two cents from here to there but on there own they lack any sort of eccentric personality and usually just act really extra. A goober is usually a follower, and most of the time, clueless about whats going on around them. Goobers are usually the less intelligent bystanders, in their own little goober world just goobering it up. They just don't understand the system...
female goober = goobette
1. "Yo what is Dill and all his goober boys doing?"
2. "Look at all those faggot goobers just posting up on that wall"

Matt: Stfu goober...know your place!
by 2ill4yall October 17, 2009
54 80
The act of laughing so hard a booger explodes out of your nose. Admit it, we've all done it atleast once.
Arya: Hahahahaha-PFFFF
Arya was laughing so hard he goobered himself!

by CimDawg March 13, 2009
48 74
Originating in Scotland, it was first coined as by relation of describing a member of the Church clan.
"She's quite the goober."
by Jason Lamb February 02, 2008
10 38
Its a word that Ron created. Made, and uses.

It's also a word that is trying to be stolen by, Seana H. But its not aloud.
goober is Ron's word, stop stealing it!
by Ron May 29, 2004
9 37
also known as Carrie, as defined by Ashley
man...that goober has really big boobs
by matt January 27, 2004
4 32
many of something; a lot of one thing
He has a goober of money.
by nyke January 09, 2008
3 34
referring to me, Gagan Singh an extremely well game player.
Omg, i am teh 1337 b/c i saw goober!!11!!
by Gagan Singh April 25, 2005
4 36