Cum bubble, during or after sex when the male or female cum starts to bubble from air exiting the vagina
Generally accomapanies a quif
She quifed after sex and a big goober

Floated out of her vagina
by sparky27891 July 01, 2011
A person who comes off as being a tough a tough individual on the outside , but as soon as they are around they're significant other become sweet and begin to show very emotional behavior not usually seen from them.
Did you see him give her an Eskimo kiss, that Christopher Eugene Williams is such a goober.
by Dave Busterfield April 10, 2011
1. A fat or unattractive person.
2. Someone highly annoying and/or stupid.
"That fools a straight goober"
"Damn that girl's hella ugly. She's a goober."
by Euless November 13, 2007
That ain't a real mans cock because it's too's just a goober sized dick you fool.
mayaaan! Yous got a lil' Goober
by Cuntry May 31, 2007
Goober is the last bit of a bottle of coke which nobody wants because it has gone a bit salivery, the common cause of this is from the direct application of the lips to the coke bottle, resulting in a bit of saliva entering the coke bottle with each sip.

N.B Goober can form in any drink bottle, not neccesarily coke.
"I'll pay you 10 bucks if you drink the goober out of that coke bottle"

"I don't want to drink that, Its got goober in it"
by rooba777 January 04, 2005
boyfriend who is a complete asshole yet at the same time so incredibly attractive
Greg is a goober since he didn't call.
by pissed February 20, 2003
A boy or girl who is extremely attractive, but lacks the attractive confidence and poise that would make them attractive. They are cute, but weird and their personality is a turn off.
Jimmy is hot but he plays flyff...GOOBER.

Dalton is hot, but he plays golf and puts pink stuff on his nose when we go to the beach..GOOBER.

Brandon is hot, but he laughs really weird...GOOBER

He drives, but he sits with his legs crossed..GOOBER.

HE is hott, but he gets on your fucking nerves..GOOBER.

Kenadee is really pretty, but she hangs out with weird people who do drugs..GOOBER.

A Kid that has a nice body, but he talks like he is five.

Get it kids?
by Christina King March 18, 2008

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