A person having ricockulous homeliness and a tendancy towards redneck demeanor, activities, and intellect.
That snaggle-toothed, retarded looking, redneck Clint is such a fucking Goober.
by FagBoy June 26, 2005
one how no one likes; the butt of all jokes
Blair and David are the biggest goobers at ARGS
by the cool one from surry May 13, 2005
n. Offensive Slang, Chiefly Southern U.S.

1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class. Very similar to redneck, with emphasis on lack of intelligence as opposed to bigotry.
2. Political pundits concerned with demagogue issues.
If you proudly use Bush/Cheney stickers to keep your truck's tailgate up, you might be a goober.
by Richard Frank November 01, 2004
Any male caucasian who lives in the south, regardless of their level of education. Also highly likely to be inbred.
The south is full of nothing but Goobers and Spearchuckers.
by Song Of The South August 04, 2004
A goober is a booger or a nose fruit.
ew! Derek ate the goober! he likes nose fruit!
by m00p April 08, 2004
a booger.
Hey Libby, you've got a little goober hanging out your nose.
by Iodine April 04, 2004
1.Actually, this word really means peanut, but it has alot of slang terms.
2. Some guy on the Andy Griffon Rider show.
1.Elephants like goobs.

2. Oh hurrEYE BARNEEY!
by www.eternalsoldiers.net August 25, 2003

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