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the sound a baby makes to communicate verbally
I picked up the baby and she uttered "goo goo".
by iwant2haveababy September 03, 2010
Racial slur used by U.S. troops during the Philippine-American War of 1898–1902/1913. Derogatory. Equivalent to the racial epithet, "nigger", which was also used to refer to Filipinos.

Google "Goo Goo Philippines" and reference Wikipedia "Philippine-American War"
"No cruelty is too severe for these brainless monkeys, who can appreciate no honor, kindness, or justice… With an enemy like this to fight, it is not surprising that the boys should adapt ‘no quarter’ as a motto and fill the blacks with lead. Let's go Goo Goo hunting."
by Sizwe_X December 21, 2006
Cute little goog. Usually a cat or kitten. Most always a cat or kitten. Sometimes a small dog. NOT squirrels...or horses.
"look a googoo!!"

"my googoo is cuter than yours"
by mgoog December 14, 2008
The state of being or acting like a baby, girly, immature,superficial, or overly emotional; Typical of white females.
Steve: Yuck, that anorexic, whiny, superficial, girl is wearing Ugg boots and crying to her boyfriend on her phone.

Vickiss: Oh she is soooo GOO GOO
by Vickiss June 17, 2007
It's when a guy trys to hit on a girl that he likes, like trying to pick her up.
Im gona go do goo goo's with this girl cuz shes cute.
Im gona try to do give her the goo goo eyes.
by gina chi May 05, 2005
my dumbass dog who thinks hes a baby cause he crys all the time.
damit goo goo, get back here with my prostate!
by Howdy nut nut November 09, 2004
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