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'Gooo goo ga ga' (or goo goo gaa gaa), is a stereotypical baby 'talking'. When a baby says 'goo goo ga ga', it is usually considered humerous. However, I don't know if babies actually ever say this phrase.
"Goo goo ga ga," mimicked Kevin.
His friends laughed.
by Z i p p e r August 25, 2006
The name of the band that would be formed if the goo goo dolls and lady gaga joined forces.
Can't wait to hear the world premiere of Goo Goo Gaga at Staples center.
by bored@ucla March 06, 2010
the noise annoyed/annoying babies make
momma: hey sexy, lets toast to a quiet eveni-
by gregoravitch November 22, 2010
1. When someone is completely clueless of something happening to them or 2. a general insult towards somebody
Dave: Yo check out Walter over there, his girlfriend told me she was breaking up with him

Mike: Does he know?

Dave: Nope, not at all

Mike: hes totally googoo gaga
by KB<------name taken March 25, 2009
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