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Slang term which means " everything is chaos." Mostly heard and used in Canada
When I walked in on Adam and Ian they were having a gongshow of a power shower.
by N/A June 20, 2004
178 81
Actions that show, create, or contribute to a sloppy, drunken mess.
Andy: "Dude! Look at all those fucking cars- I'm never gonna find mine."

Alex: "We shoulda parked closer to the bar. FUCK."

Brandon: "Focus guys we didn't drive. We took the ferry."

Sober people watching: "What a gong show."
by Aubs1 August 08, 2006
114 38
Originated from Canada. It is a term used mostly in the hockey world of Canada. Gong Show baically means "out of control"
When i walked into the washroom Ian and Adam were having a gong show of a power shower
by N/A June 20, 2004
99 59
bunch of fucking retards contributing to a manic scene - one of limited productivity and massive fucking up and ineptitude
this place is a fucking gong show.
by newbruno August 02, 2006
83 63
gong-show; a one word term to describe a stupid occurance, or a stupid environement
man trying to show alch the way is like going to a fucking gong-show; man i went to the mall its a fucking gong-show
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
21 13
an out of control scene, area, sporting event. pretty much anything out of control, off the hook, etc.
the frat party was an absolute free for all. it was a total gong show
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
36 32
Used to describe a situation that is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control. Originates from the 1970s variety show of the same name, though some users many not be aware of the source.
Amelia: My love life is such a gong show!

Nazarine: Really? You have a studio audience in your bedroom, and you bang a large gong for boyfriends who can't cut it?

Amelia: Don't be ridiculous, Naz. I mean, it is LITERALLY a gong show. It is tumultuous, circus-like, and has spun out-of-control.

Nazarine: Oh, I see.
by E.T. Mole February 18, 2013
3 0