The act of having sex
I had a good game of golf with the missus last night

also, crazy golf: sex while drunk and unable to tell ur actually boning a shemale
by jiminy cricket August 29, 2003
1) A really dumb game that gives old guys excuses to get away from their wives to swing sticks at balls.

2) Originally stood for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden
Heeeeeey Frank, listen I'm just a little horny, so waddya say we go play a little "golf"?
by violentchick15 October 22, 2007
The most arrogant sport in existence. Played by old rich white men (and Tiger Woods) in their spare time. Equal only to greveyards in terms of their collossal waste of space that could be used for housing and/or other more productive purposes
golfers are elitist pricks
by jimmyjohnbillybobjones July 23, 2005
that white runny stuff that you put in your tea.
nip to the shop and get a pint of golf for us....
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
To do very poorly on something. A substitute for to bomb.
Man, i totally golfed that test.
by Danny M January 27, 2005
Originating from St. Andrews Scotland and originally known as (G)entlemen (O)nly (L)adies (F)orbidden... hence the name GOLF
Golf is such a stupid gay sport for coffin dodgers who still have use of their legs
by user4 August 20, 2004
Game for fat rich old men - and Tiger Woods. Somewhere in between baseball and croquet. Very boring to watch.
The British Open Golf Championship is at Royal Troon, Scotland in 2004.
by brendan July 16, 2004
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