An moderately challenging "game" that only dillusional, out of shape enthusiasts refer to as a "sport", in order to fool themselves into believing that their participation somehow makes them "athletes", even though the pertruding beer gut and lack of any strenuous physical activity imply otherwise.
Golfers generally claim that because this "game" requires hand eye coordination and proper form to excel, that justifies "golf" being a sport (note: nothing really about athletic prowess and physical fitness and conditioning). Given that criteria, we should expect to see our first terminally ill, overweight, 90 year-old, carton-a-day smoking, television addicted grand sports champion on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" in the near future.
"You're an Olympic Triathlete in top physical condition with ten gold medals? Well, I'm a golfer. We should hang out and trade stories since we have so much in common. Let me drink the rest of my Budweiser and finish my potato chips and fried chicken first, though. Oh, you're going to the gym? What's a "gym"?"
Top Definition
More than a game, it is a habitual endeavor that takes precedence over work and friends. A perpetual quest for improvement. A sport for athletes as they get older and realize their limitations. A pleasure beyond definition. Played by yourself, with a partner or in a group. Worse than drugs and better than a first time fuck.
Golf is the game of intergalactic champions. Surpassed by nothing. Takes priority over all, except being naked with the wife. She loves golf too.
by Dick Splash November 10, 2003
A sport where you can be a professional athlete who can bench press 300lbs and do 100 sit-ups and still suck. A sport where power is not needed, but skill and practice. Manages to be the most infuriating game you'll ever play, and a joy to behold all in the course of one round.
You golf haters are all jealous because the 120lb nerd can beat you at a sport
by Archie2K April 17, 2004
to quote Oscar Wilde:
"The best way to ruin a good walk"
There is an American (of course) pro golfer who is ACTUALLY named Davis Love III
by Bigmeuprudeboy September 09, 2003
A sport,that despite the general stereotype that only the elderly play, is quite fun. It's more of a finesse sport as opposed to strength and speed.
Golf can be fun for anyone. Hell, I'm 17and I enjoy playing a round of 9 holes everyone once in a while.
by OutlawStar July 27, 2004
Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
A sport that was apparently popular enough to have a category on
Check that little slidebar when you define a word.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
"Golf... is truly happiness"
A great quote by Moe Norman
by Mr. Johnny April 15, 2005
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