The most arrogant sport in existence. Played by old rich white men (and Tiger Woods) in their spare time. Equal only to greveyards in terms of their collossal waste of space that could be used for housing and/or other more productive purposes
golfers are elitist pricks
by jimmyjohnbillybobjones July 23, 2005
A "sport" often played by non athletic boys who play it to call themselves athletes, and crotchety old men who are trying to escape their dead end marriages. These men often play in foursomes while drinking beer and spend 30 minutes on each hole and keep everyone else from having fun as they chop the ball around and will not let anyone play through.
Bill played golf because he got tired of beating up his wife and wanted to go get wasted and piss people off at the local country club. even though he sucks at golf, he acts like he owns the place.
by IMMA MAN December 21, 2009
Not Only Is It A Sport That Old Rich Men Play. But It Also A Word To Describe Something That's So Extreme That No Words Could Describe It.
Woah Man!!! Your Clothes Are Too Golf For Me!!!
by Bomroth March 17, 2012
Golf, being the sport/game played by many.. Also known as G.O.L.F. Standing for; Girls.Only.Little.Focker. . So by reading the previous statement it has been very clearly shown that if you are not a girl (female), then this sport should not be played by you. . . Always abide to the rules.
Wendy, "Hey Sarah, are you up for a lil G.O.L.F this weekend?"
Sarah, "Sure Wendy, can I bring my boyfriend?"
Wendy, "No, stupid.. Golf is for Girls.Only.Little.Focker."
Sarah, "Ah right! My bad."
by Rose_Nic July 24, 2011
1. A game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes.

2. When a male or female plays with his/herself normally done in public or a grassy area. Or in other words public masturbation.
1. Tiger Woods was the greatest golf player in the world.

2. I totally saw Jeff playing golf with his girlfriend at the camp grounds.
by NegroDameus July 25, 2011
1. A paid activity in which a bunch of unathletic people try to get a small white ball inside a hole.

2. The sport of loosers.
3. To act like you are important even though you have no redeeming qualities.
1. Golf is not even a sport.
2. Golf is for people who cannot run, catch, throw or jump, so they hit.
3. Jerry pulled a golf by refusing to get Mcdonalds, instead he wanted Subway.
by baller393 November 03, 2011
A good walk, spoiled.
I was out for a walk when my friend suggested that instead of walking, we should go around in an electric buggy. He then said that instead of admiring scenery or talking we should aimlessly hit a small white ball around with metal clubs. He then told me that he had tricked me into playing a game of golf.
That was the worst walk ever!
by stupidgoddamgolf October 26, 2005
Boring game for the boring people.
You hit a small ball with a crooked stick and walk after it on a huge piece of land.
by Alex Panzer August 28, 2005

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