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Spoonerism of "Wolf Gang," part of the name of the hip hop collective "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All" (OFWGKTA), usually referred to simply as Odd Future. Often used in lyrics by Odd Future member Tyler the Creator
"Golf Wang hooligans, is fucking up the school again,

And showing you and yours that breaking rules is fucking cool again."
by nirad September 26, 2011
I’m 53 years old. I’ve been golfing all my life. I eat golf. I sleep golf. My wife get mad at me all I do is golf.
Somebody: "Thurnis, why you golf?"
Thurnis: "Because"


by thurnis May 09, 2011
An idiotic word (a noun, I believe) created by douche bags and assholes. No particular meaning or connection to golf, just pure bullshit.
"Hey Jimmy, what was the homework?"
"Idk fuck that, Golf Wang® bruh."
"Shut the fuck up Jimmy."
by LordFarquad71 February 11, 2015
Hot retired man.
Look at that sweet piece of golf wang. I'd totally let him be my sugar daddy.
by Jiggy G. May 17, 2011
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