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a crazy dutch bastard - who is obsessed with gold - lost his genitailia in a smelting acident - is peeling - and wants to flood the world
1. "i love GOLD!"
2. "can i paint his yohoo gold?"
3. "im peeling"
by Tom Ivens May 12, 2003
Floppy old man who collects and eats his own skin-flakes. Flexible. Enjoys the odd smoke and a pancake.
Would you like a smoke and a pancake?
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 13, 2003
A guy who uses magnum wrapped.
Angel is a lucky girl, her boyfriend is a Gold Member.
by Pilatesbooty January 18, 2015
A Dutch guy who, like me, eats his own skin flakes.
"Dude, you're like Goldmember eating that shit."
by Soiled Undergarment July 11, 2003
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