When you receive a piece of paper (or similar) that you can turn in for something exciting.

(Midnight releases at the Video Game store Gamestop use this, you pay for the game, they give you the receipt that you must bring back to get the game at Midnight)
I just went to Game Stop and got my Golden Ticket for the Call of Duty:Black Ops midnight release tonight!
by TeccaN9nja January 30, 2011
A swingers free pass to have one-on-one sex, similar to a date or affair, with another swinger. Usually recieved for 'taking one for the team' or getting the 'softie'. example: I used my golden ticket to go have sex with *name* at his house. His wife was out of town but gave him permission.
Hubby said I can cum play with you tonight, cuz I earned a golden ticket on a softie last week.
by Atacia August 24, 2007
Your period.

When you think it's near that time of the month and you peel back your panties with that feeling of suspense and anticipation and then realise you have your period, then you've 'got the Golden Ticket'. It's kind of like the menstrual equivalent of Charlie peeling back the chocolate wrapper and finding a golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except slightly less exciting for the ticketee.
Shit! I've got the Golden Ticket!
by Lucinda August 12, 2005

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