The act of defecating into a small, semi-solid mound, making an indentation or "pocket" in the feces using, uriniating into the pocket, and then molding the shit around the urine, so as to make a "water balloon" of shit and piss. The resultant "Golden Oreo" can be hurled a any target.
Michael Norman just got a Golden Oreo!
Awww! you got your Golden Oreo all over my Golden Oreos!
by Adinor October 22, 2007
Top Definition
This is when any person urinates on one's asshole

This can be multiple times or a single event

Evan Jewett loves a golden oreo
by outside the box May 05, 2007

1. An Asian person who acts like he/she is white.
Asian person: Hey, wanna go see a Jay Chou concert?

Golden Oreo: Nah, I don't really like his music. But there's a Wilco concert on that same day, so we could go to that instead!
by hiperson3673 July 30, 2009
Three-way involving two Asian guys with a white girl.
I heard that Janie pulled a Golden Oreo with Ling and Xing last night.
by Misfit_Toy July 13, 2011
The act of ejaculating on a partners face then removing said ejaculate with ones urine.
Tim: I just came on this girls face then I gave her a golden shower!

Ben and Andy: dude you gave her a golden oreo!!
by They might be giants! July 16, 2010
Combination of urine and semen characteristic of drunken sex.
I gave this girl a golden oreo last night, and then she threw me out.
by the BMOC May 17, 2007
A DP with all light skinned people
Golden Oreos are the best, i can handle honkey-cock I can't handle oreos had one once and didn't shit right for a week.
by L&Ldreambigger April 11, 2015
When a man pees and cums into a small dish and pops it in the microwave for about a minute until mixture is think and a creamy yellow color then he takes a thin paint brush and paints around a girls butt hole perfectly creating a golden o ring glaze for you to lick up.
I think I knew that I was in love when Carly asked me to give her a golden Oreo.
by Antru July 07, 2013
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