The small golden contraption used in the imaginary world of harry potter. The snitch is a fluttering orb in the game quidditch and whoever catches it is rewarded one hundred points and usually decides the outcome of a game.
by nuckfier January 22, 2013
Top Definition
In hindsight, a better term for a great pussy.
Me: dude... guess what i caught last night?
Jordan: please not an STD
Me: haha no you jackass, i caught Sarah's golden snitch. took me about 45 minutes. then teh game was over.
by umbels February 04, 2010
A girl with a very striking nose, a nose so striking it can be given Golden Snitch status, you want to touch the golden snitch!
Oh there's that girl with the Golden Snitch, I HAVE TO TOUCH IT!
by SazMac! August 19, 2007
The act of pissing on a small Styrofoam ball and sticking into a girls vagina. The guy then eats the girl out as she clutches her thighs together to squeeze the pee into the guys mouth.
As I pulled Bridget's shirt off and pushed her on the bed I began to urinate onto a Styrofoam ball that Bridget would soon squeeze into my mouth as an act of maximum pleasure as an act of the Golden Snitch.
by Crackerjj540 January 09, 2010

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