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A person amongst a populace who everyone seems to love no matter what. The admiration for this person spans multiple factions amongst this populace, including those who normally do not agree on anything otherwise. This person is always thought of as a staple of the populace and even thought this persons presence was never constant they are remembered as if they were always present. This person is always remembered for the good contributions they made even above others who have strived to contribute even more.

see also likeable
Steve will forever be the golden child of the 2K hockey community
by Blackwind75 June 24, 2005
a person who seems to never do anything wrong. always being a "nice" person, always helping out. publicly know for these qualities but quite usually a real asshole when not in the public eye. known to the world as the smartest person around, and makes their siblings look like shitheads
he will always be forever know as the golden child of the fmaily to his siblings.
by MF.of.the.year February 14, 2009
the sun; the light giving orb that is the source of energy for our entire world
"the golden child has gone to bed"
by Ziggy Stardust February 01, 2004
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