An awesome Israeli beer.
Try the Goldstar, It's so much better than Yuengling.
by hodgecheck July 10, 2006
The act of urinating onto the anus of another person, usually for the purpose of sexual gratification.

To piss on someone's asshole.
You did such a great job today, you get a Gold StaR!

Gold StaRs for everybody!!!
by Sam, "Farley", and Pinché Rosa January 31, 2011
When you piss on your hand and slap someone across the face.
Imma gold star you, bitch!
by LL cool Jen November 04, 2009
What you get when you give an amazing blow job.
Katie: How was it?

Mason: Amazing you get a gold star on your forehead
by goldstargetter June 07, 2010
To get a perfect on a song in Guitar Hero, because the stars turn gold when accomplished.
I goldstared that song.
by Will Kuklinski April 17, 2007
getting 100% on a song on Guitar Hero.
"Hell yeah, i gold starred a song on expert!"
by JpOps1 July 10, 2008
when someone sticks a funnel into another persons anus, then urinating into the funnel
hey babe, i got the funnel, you ready for the gold star?
by shaggy December 04, 2004
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