Like a hooker..only smarter.
Guy 1: "Man I'm broke!"

Guy 2: "Why?"

Guy 1: "I've been out buying my girl all this stuff."

Guy 2: " Man yo girl is a gold digger."
by k!NG KHANH June 28, 2007
A gold digger is any man or woman who's primary interest in a relationship is to gain material benefits. Nevertheless that man or woman may be looking for love or status/popularity through these material benefits.
Sarah has just recently met this guy by the name of Mark.
Mark is extremely wealthy and has all the qualities that Sarah looks for in a man. Sarah is very attracted to rich men so she has been called a gold digger all her life.
Sarah and Mark are now seeing each other, but in order to get the money Sarah has to play her cards right so Mark can fall in love with her, well he does and now Sarah has gotten her cake and now she can sit back, relaz and eat it!
by Natiya July 28, 2006
any man or woman who is in a relationship with another person because of their economic status
What a gold digger! She is only marrying him because he's a millionaire, although she actually loves Jonathan, but apparently she loves money more.
by Guz14 March 07, 2006
a woman who dates or has sex with a man solely because of his wealth or for the expensive gifts that can be bought with it(derogatory)
That gold digger dumped him for the rich boy of the school.
by Light Joker April 11, 2007
When your girl or wife spends the money you make and saves all of hers for herself.

What is your is ours and what is mine is mine.
You make $1000 the bills are $1000 and your whole check is spent on the bills. She makes $300 and she keeps $300 to spend how she wants too.
by Webster June 10, 2003
about 95% of all, that's right ALL women.
If the editor is a woman, this won't get published BECAUSE SHE KNOWS ITS TRUE. they are gold diggers.
by Adrian January 18, 2006
A woman who does and says whatever it takes to get substantial amounts of money, no matter who she steps on in the process.
Jennifer Lopez is a gold digger
by I'm Me July 29, 2003

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