A horse-faced, self-entitled bitch living down the Lane, oh yeah, and Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.
Susie, the divorced gold digger that expects her ex to pay her way forever.
by someone better than her November 14, 2011
About 96% of the female population. They will lie, cheat,steal,fuck,blow, and sometimes even kill to get you for all your shit. She wants everything, even your soul. Nothing is safe within the prescence of a good golddigger. The whore will use you up and suck you dry and move on to the next unsuspecting victim. This woman is very dangerous, remember the words "Prenuptial Agreement" to ward off this slut bag cum dumpster.
Last night I finally told Joe that we all think his butter-face girl ain't nothin but a trick-ass golddigger.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006
One who picks his nose 24/7.
Dont let that golddigger touch you. He's a golddigger everywhere.
by Burrito7 March 20, 2009
a MAN who goes out wit you only for yo money and then comes back beggin for more after the first round of money is gone.
That man is such a gold digger i gave him 100 for a pair of shoes last week and now he wants to buy a new suit. what a gold digger to use all my fuckin money
by BBallF350 October 23, 2005
A woman who is smart enough not to mess with a broke loser of a man. Rich or well off men who are willing to spend their money only.
They call me a gold digger just because I don't settle for the bottom of the barrel.
by DonG. January 18, 2009
a woman who is interested in a man only for his cash

Often criticized in society but who can blame the girl. Who doe$nt want more money.
Being a super affluent billionaire that is terrible at communicating with women I better hope that there is some golddigger who will live with me in Lake Forest, IL.
by $taythir$tymyfriend$ May 08, 2008
A prostitute, only more intelegent!
P1: That girl is one clever Hooker!
P2: Thats very offensive! She is a gold digger!
by i DBo November 25, 2007

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