Some girl who dates a guy only for his or his family's wealth.
That girl Brittany is such a gold digger! She only likes nathen for his money lol!
by Swaggerman March 01, 2015
A "Gold Digger" is someone (Sex doesn't matter) who is using another person for something they have.
"Did you see Jordan's new girlfriend, Anna? She's only with him because he's loaded. What a Gold Digger.."
by TheRealAnswers February 15, 2015
Someone who only with someone for there money like this girl Ashley C.
Why do you like him like why are you with him.

Oh because he buys me what I wants he has money he buys me flowers etc

What do you like about him besides money

Ummmmm. He's nice and gets me what I wants

Girl your such a gold digger

by Ah bad muthaaa October 14, 2012
A person who only gets into relationships for money.
Hedaya, broke up a marriage to come to America.
The guy is "rich" in America so she wanted him.
Hence, she is a gold digger
by hodhod June 01, 2011
Chris- A half man, half sponge that mooches.
Yo, that gold digger dug and dug till he found her loot.
by frontman July 15, 2010
Ugly,neighboor dating, backstabbing, gold digger like BITCH.. AMBER!
Chris: Hey Amber what are you doing today?

AMBER:Going to see how much more money I can get! ha ha ha

TG: WOW what a gold!
by arat! April 16, 2009
1. A great comic (Amercian manga) by war veteran Fred Perry about cute girls who go on archaeological expeditions. Was around even BEFORE video game star Lara Croft. Also features arguably the most beautiful catgirl ever, Brittany "Cheetah" Diggers.
2. Also Gina Diggers' (the main character) nickname.
Man that last issue of Gold Digger was really good! I couldn't stop turning the pages, and when I turned the last page, I wished I had more pages to turn!
by Kix May 03, 2004

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