someone who uses a person who deserves to get USED. They are stupid and desperate.
gold digger took him for a ride and she's laughing about it now.
by hinds August 24, 2007
a girl who puts out to a guy for money or uses her sex appeals to try to dig money out of a guy
by Anonymous August 31, 2003
Kind of like a hooker, but smarter.
That girl exchanges her time and affection just like a hooker, but she's a little smarter and official so she's more of a gold digger.
by Brkleigh April 30, 2011
A woman who is with a man only to possess control over his money.
Gold Digger: Mezhgan, Simon Cowell's beard
by NotSinitta February 13, 2011
tiffany simon , wanna be pin up girls, girls who use men for what they have, and not for who they are
She ain't nuthin but a gold digger
by pollypikky April 03, 2009
Typically a MALE OR FEMALE that only gets into relationships with others for material things, not love. Most of the time, this person will want to marry the other person as soon as possible. They will also try to make them spend their spouse's money on clothing, jewelry and other material things. A lot of men and women marry celebrities for the money. A lot of old rich men (most of the time Caucasian) marry young and selfish women.
Wife: Girl, I knew that marrying him was the right choice. That old fart doesn't the real reason I married him.
Girl: Does he take you shopping?
Wife: You know it. Yeah, so you want to help me kill him?
Girl: If I can take half of the money? You know, because we are fellow gold diggers?
Wife: Yeah, sure.
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
A good example of a golddigger is a chick that lives in North Hamilton, OH. Many words could describe her but this one sums it up the best. Petty and fake this one still lives at home and caters to her dads generation. Home or away she's living off some older guys money. Her idea of a background check is google earth and counting the boats & trucks in the driveway.
I dated this girl for a minute once she said her xbf was 50 I knew she was a golddigger (dg).
by dodgedabullet July 18, 2011

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