Also see Women, Girlfriend or Wife.
All women are golddiggers, they just won't admit it.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
Women who think they are too hot for America because they believe they will never face jail time for ripping people off, otherwise known as theft.
Golddigging is a crime that is most usually punished by old age and loneliness.
by anonymous March 03, 2005
A female dat diggs men for money
gold digger lyircs by Kanye West: she takes my money while im in need oh shes a gold digger a friend in deed dat diggs on me.. Nah i aint sayin she a gold digga she aint messin wit no broke broke
by Queenbridge_godess October 09, 2005
a girl that is (or getting) with you only for what you can buy. It is common knowledge that girls are either this or panty dropper
That last one was a real gold digger, I actually had to take her to dinner.
by UD Itallion Stallion October 08, 2002
a woman who will do anything with someone for their money. a woman who will go out with a guy for his money. a woman who is totally using a guy for his money....
"Now I ain sayin she's a gold digger..."
"But she ain no messin' with no broke broke."
by lilazncutie226 October 06, 2005
Annoying fucking song that pisses everyone off whenever it comes on, especially when whistled.
Yeah, she's a golddigger
by Lord Biggins December 05, 2005
See "girls", "women", or "chicks".
Gold diggers have vaginas. Gold makers have penises.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
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