a girl that is (or getting) with you only for what you can buy. It is common knowledge that girls are either this or panty dropper
That last one was a real gold digger, I actually had to take her to dinner.
by UD Itallion Stallion October 08, 2002
See "girls", "women", or "chicks".
Gold diggers have vaginas. Gold makers have penises.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
a woman who will do anything with someone for their money. a woman who will go out with a guy for his money. a woman who is totally using a guy for his money....
"Now I ain sayin she's a gold digger..."
"But she ain no messin' with no broke broke."
by lilazncutie226 October 06, 2005
Annoying fucking song that pisses everyone off whenever it comes on, especially when whistled.
Yeah, she's a golddigger
by Lord Biggins December 05, 2005
A person, usually females, who: provokes, annoys, intimidates, seduces, or steals money from another, usually from a guy.
1.) God, did you see her asking for money?, what a gold digger!
by Wesley Tam June 26, 2003
some one who has been caaught picking there nose
hey look that guys digging for gold
by jon March 24, 2005
a song written by Kanye West, that is overplayed quite often and is known by every teenage girl and emphasized too much.
Lauren: Oh my god, I love golddigger.
Christian: Golddigger sucks, are you straight?
by Silly Man December 10, 2005

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