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A chronically unhappy person not living in poverty who's convinced the reason they're unhappy is becuase they don't have enough money.
He's a gold digger man. He doesn't do anything with his life except drink and spend money on lottery tickets, and then wonders why his life isn't more exciting.
by Sir Gasalot March 17, 2013
1 1
A fake ass hoe who only dates a guy for his money!
God, Anna Nicole is such a Gold Digger....
by BabyDahl February 02, 2006
69 83
A girl who is looking for a husband that will allow her not to have to work and thus shop for the rest of her life.
Usually these are girls who want to have kids but not work at all even when the kids grow older.
The golddigger bitch expected to get married and shop for the rest of her life.
by assdfasdf December 24, 2005
60 74
More than one golddigger
They are such golddiggers, they will take you for all your cash.
by CovinaDavey August 28, 2006
4 19
Woman who make the man pay for her, which is the way it should be.
look at that gold digger, she want a man to pay for her.
by Boo February 19, 2005
181 198
A poor ass hobo digging through a trash can for something that could be of value to them.
T.I: hey kanye.
Kanye West: whats happenin T.I.
T.I: man yesterday i think i saw a Gold Digger goin through your trash.
Kanye West: Holy shit! Im gonna fuckin murder that Gold Digger!!!
by Mattmanjr November 06, 2007
9 27
Meaning looking for a spouse is like finding gold, when a person has much trouble finding the right person to either marry or fall in love with.
Matt was a gold digger, but he finaly found the right girl when he turned 85.
by Visualbomber December 03, 2005
3 21
someone that marries or dates someone just for there money.
That Sleazy Bitch was a gold digger, she stole my credit cards and had it away on her toes!
by Joe Nazmdeh January 02, 2006
47 66