A chronically unhappy person not living in poverty who's convinced the reason they're unhappy is becuase they don't have enough money.
He's a gold digger man. He doesn't do anything with his life except drink and spend money on lottery tickets, and then wonders why his life isn't more exciting.
by Sir Gasalot March 17, 2013
A bitch trying to weasel you out of your cheddar.
Dude, David's sister came in town just to screw and get money. That bitch is such a gold digger.
by Slimer April 24, 2008
Any women that tells you lies to get your money or property.
All the bitches on Joe millionair.
Laura P.
by Billy November 27, 2003
A woman who manipulates men to benifit from their labor, skills, or money without compensation. Often highly narcistic exhibiting little compassion and thankfulness.
A golddigger is a woman who is married, doesn't work, and then takes it all in the divorse. A golddigger is a woman who uses cash, credit card, debit card, or check but doesn't put desposit credit into the account. A golddigger is a woman who never pays for dinner, entertainment, coffee, or parking. A woman who asks for favors without offering a reward.
by xizzi December 20, 2009
All the above seem to fit perfectly
A good example of a golddigger is a chick that lives in Decatur, GA. Many words could describe her but this one sums it up the best. She doesn't even have her own pot to piss in but she is good at living off other guys money.
by An unknown author March 04, 2009
Equivalent to a whore. A golddigger just takes other types of payment in addition to cash. They also accept having their bills payed, cars, jewelry, homes, fame, and power. The amount of time a golddigger turns their trick can vary from a short time to many years. Golddiggers are no better than a common gutterslut whore.
"If I were rich I'd get more pleasure from tellin some golddigger whore to hit the bricks than to swallow my pride and nail her."
by bigjimdx October 19, 2005
Like a hooker only smarter
Anna Nicole wasn't a whore. She stayed with his 90 year old penis to long. She was a gold digger.
by imacop41 September 15, 2009
When a woman who is attractive lies to gain wealth without proper work and showing very little or no affection towards the usually unattractive rich man.
A golddigger gets cars and credit cards
by paris and rebecca October 27, 2005
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