Ugly,neighboor dating, backstabbing, gold digger like BITCH.. AMBER!
Chris: Hey Amber what are you doing today?

AMBER:Going to see how much more money I can get! ha ha ha

TG: WOW what a gold!
by arat! April 16, 2009
A woman who is smart enough not to mess with a broke loser of a man. Rich or well off men who are willing to spend their money only.
They call me a gold digger just because I don't settle for the bottom of the barrel.
by DonG. January 18, 2009
a woman who is interested in a man only for his cash

Often criticized in society but who can blame the girl. Who doe$nt want more money.
Being a super affluent billionaire that is terrible at communicating with women I better hope that there is some golddigger who will live with me in Lake Forest, IL.
by $taythir$tymyfriend$ May 08, 2008
A fake ass hoe who only dates a guy for his money!
God, Anna Nicole is such a Gold Digger....
by BabyDahl February 02, 2006
A girl who is looking for a husband that will allow her not to have to work and thus shop for the rest of her life.
Usually these are girls who want to have kids but not work at all even when the kids grow older.
The golddigger bitch expected to get married and shop for the rest of her life.
by assdfasdf December 24, 2005
A prostitute, only more intelegent!
P1: That girl is one clever Hooker!
P2: Thats very offensive! She is a gold digger!
by i DBo November 25, 2007
More than one golddigger
They are such golddiggers, they will take you for all your cash.
by CovinaDavey August 28, 2006
A poor ass hobo digging through a trash can for something that could be of value to them.
T.I: hey kanye.
Kanye West: whats happenin T.I.
T.I: man yesterday i think i saw a Gold Digger goin through your trash.
Kanye West: Holy shit! Im gonna fuckin murder that Gold Digger!!!
by Mattmanjr November 06, 2007

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