Ugly,neighboor dating, backstabbing, gold digger like BITCH.. AMBER!
Chris: Hey Amber what are you doing today?

AMBER:Going to see how much more money I can get! ha ha ha

TG: WOW what a gold!
by arat! April 16, 2009
A chronically unhappy person not living in poverty who's convinced the reason they're unhappy is becuase they don't have enough money.
He's a gold digger man. He doesn't do anything with his life except drink and spend money on lottery tickets, and then wonders why his life isn't more exciting.
by Sir Gasalot March 17, 2013
A girl that will have intercourse with a man only to use him for his money. Normally a blonde whore or prostitute from Alabaster who can't cook.
Sugar Daddy: This food is terrible!
Golddigger: What did you expect? I'm a golddigger and only suck you off for money!
by Wesley O'Brian July 16, 2010
1. A great comic (Amercian manga) by war veteran Fred Perry about cute girls who go on archaeological expeditions. Was around even BEFORE video game star Lara Croft. Also features arguably the most beautiful catgirl ever, Brittany "Cheetah" Diggers.
2. Also Gina Diggers' (the main character) nickname.
Man that last issue of Gold Digger was really good! I couldn't stop turning the pages, and when I turned the last page, I wished I had more pages to turn!
by Kix May 03, 2004
A horse-faced, self-entitled bitch living down the Lane, oh yeah, and Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.
Susie, the divorced gold digger that expects her ex to pay her way forever.
by someone better than her November 14, 2011
Veteran deejays searching for hard-to-find classic records
Gold diggers will pay hundreds of dollars for vinyl records on Ebay.
by katy walker January 26, 2004
Gold Digger = A girl that doesn't really love you and just wants your money. She will lie and tell you she loves you, and take everything you have. When you run out of money she will move on. She is always on the look out for a rich person to woo with her charm and wit. Aka whore only smarter. Fake girlfriend that lies a lot.
That girl Jessica is a Gold Digger WhoreSkankSlutladydivasofineJessica
by Frank2015 November 02, 2015
About 96% of the female population. They will lie, cheat,steal,fuck,blow, and sometimes even kill to get you for all your shit. She wants everything, even your soul. Nothing is safe within the prescence of a good golddigger. The whore will use you up and suck you dry and move on to the next unsuspecting victim. This woman is very dangerous, remember the words "Prenuptial Agreement" to ward off this slut bag cum dumpster.
Last night I finally told Joe that we all think his butter-face girl ain't nothin but a trick-ass golddigger.
by NothinButDaTruth April 17, 2006

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