Meaning looking for a spouse is like finding gold, when a person has much trouble finding the right person to either marry or fall in love with.
Matt was a gold digger, but he finaly found the right girl when he turned 85.
#gold #digger #spouse #loser #lover
by Visualbomber December 03, 2005
a girl who only dates rich guys and guys who have a massive bank account. A girl who only dates rich guys for their money and nothing else.
She's only dating him for his money. She's such a gold digger.
#greedy #lying #trifling #woman #chick
by kandygrl7 July 02, 2009
Any woman who breaks up with one chronically broke and unemployed boyfriend and then goes on to date a less financially inept man at any point in her lifetime. Usually applied to said woman by the chronically broke and unemployed ex-boyfriend she just left and/or his equally broke and unemployed slacker friends.
"Yeah, she broke up with him when he flunked out of school and got fired from his job for smoking weed in the parking lot in the same week. Now she's dating a co-worker at her new job. What a gold digger that girl is!"
#woman #girl #whore #slut #golddigger #ho
by Arcane Rose January 23, 2008
a dumb shallow whore, who wouldn't like a guy, but would love and be all up on the same guy if he had fame, money, etc.
guy 1:look at the dumb ass whore, she's such a gold digger.
guy 2: lets throw rocks at her head, maybe it will fix her problem
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
That gold digger only married Paul McCartney for his money.
#heather #mills #paul #mccartney #money
by An Anon May 17, 2009
A woman who dates or marries a man just to get her grubby little hands on his money.
Gold Digger: "Hello Mr McCartney, my name's Heather Mills."
#heather mills #anna-nicole smith #greedy #slappers #j-lo
by Manx bloke November 05, 2006
Crystal Harris, the 24-year-old playmate to whom Hugh Hefner, 84-years-old, has proposed.
Why else would Crystal Harris, 24, want a wrinkled STD-laden 84-year-old dude, but for his money? She must be a gold digger.
#golddigger #hugh hefner #playmate #playboy #gold-digger
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted December 29, 2010
someone who uses a person who deserves to get USED. They are stupid and desperate.
gold digger took him for a ride and she's laughing about it now.
#hurt #taken for a ride #used #abused #trashed
by hinds August 24, 2007
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