A skank, one who jumps from relationship to relationship not caring about the last.
Thats her third boyfriend this year, shes a gold miner!
by manowar September 25, 2005
Top Definition
A women who beats a gold digger and steals all the money.
That girl erika is a huge gold miner, i mean i went out with her for 2 months and im dead broke.
by Daniel Puebla April 28, 2006
Someone who mines for gold.
Guy: I mine for gold. Like, down in a gold mine. *cough*
by Rogultgot February 10, 2005
Anyone who has an interest in dating East Asians
Guy 1: Dude, check them out! I just found a gold mine!
Guy 2: You're into Asian girls...?
Guy 1: Yeah man. They're hott.
Guy 2: You're such a gold miner...
Guy 3: What's wrong with Asian girls? They're the best.
Guy 2: Nothing. I'm just not attracted to them.
Guy 4: I can't believe you're not interested in Asians.
Guy 2: What the crap?! Is this a gold rush???
by Scotty Shaw March 04, 2008
similar to a woman who is a gold digger, but much more dedicated, works harder and longer and digs deeper. On a mission to find a rich guy
Suzie is a gold digger but Jane is a gold miner !!!!
by mikelarocc April 28, 2011
A male version of a golddigger.

Also know to his fellow males as a granny fucker or likes GILFs.
John: Have you seen Tim lately?

Martin: No, apparently he hasn't been coming to lessons cause he's a goldminer know.

John:A what?

Martin: Oh a goldminer is a male version of a golddigger.

John: Might join him...
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