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Is a position/move in three way sex- two guys, one girl. The expression describes when she is on all fours with one guy getting head and the other doing her doggie style... and the guys high five. The expression can be used literally but is most often used as a term of shock and/or disrespect.
He's going Hollywood on that burrito.

by TroutZ February 25, 2009
A phrase which can be used to describe a person as being very superficial, narcissistic, and/or egomaniacal. It is sometimes used after a person made an appearance on television or film.
See also: Hollywood
Your friend was only an extra in a local commercial and he is going Hollywood on us.

"I ain't Hollywood yet, I just did that movie to get a big ass check." Ludacris on his role in the movie, Fast and the Furious
by A strong intelligent man September 13, 2006