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a line of unbelievable athletic beasts that are the coolest muthafuckas alive.. excell at anything they do and have a booming and intimidating presence both physically and through leadership.. top of the line athletes R & Z
You see him? he belongs to the Goetz line of humanity
by RZG May 30, 2008
a girl or boy belonging to the GOETZ family, usually good natured and good looking. Either rich, or filthy rich..
athletic, rarely lazy. oblivious to name brands.
man..i saw a Goetz buying a Prada Purse yesterday! He/she was lookin SO good!
by Arielle :) December 14, 2003
(v.) the act of completely and utterly owning in a manner that leaves no dispute as to the victor.
I'm going to goetz my final.

Dave 2 goetzed Dave 1 on his first semester grades.
by B. Goetz September 02, 2010
Verb; pronounced "gets" the act of accidentally peeing out of excitement, nervousness or sexual arousal.
The girl goetzed when she was being fingered
"Dude, I'm afraid I'll goetz during this science test.
by Mattm14 February 29, 2012
Verb; other terms- Goetzing it, goetzed. When you pee out of over excitement or sexual arousalment.
The girl was being fingered, and she goetzed all over the guy.
"I heard about the new kanye album, and i almost goetzed.
by mattM February 18, 2012
Being the filthist mother fucker on the face of the planet. Not showering in over 2 weeks.
Yo nigga..Goetz yo ass in the shower
by David Bray August 02, 2006
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