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A sexual experience so mind-shatteringly good that it wholly transcends the physical and is elevated to the spiritual.
Good sex is when someone orgasms; great sex is when both partners do. But godsex is recalled wistfully six decades after the fact as the greatest sexual experience of a lifetime. Godsex frequently results in unconsciousness, pulled muscles, and/or foolhardy marriage proposals.
by FichenDich October 01, 2010
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Used as reference to something that is (or was) completely and utterly amazing. Can be used to describe amazing sex or something completely non sex related, that was AMAZING.
Girl: i just had some god sex with Orlando Bloom in his pirate costume.

Boy(not to girl above): that car crash out side was completely god sex, there was lots of blood and gore.
by the sexy pirate girls November 21, 2009
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n. An intangible material or quality that grants unimaginable abilities never before dreamed of by humankind.
Did you see Darren's new Ferrari? That thing must be made out of godsex!
by er1chu December 25, 2008
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