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An intensive or expletive, similar to "godforsaken," denoting
(i)a surreal or overwhelming frustration or despair
It is thought to have been circulated in July 2008 by the author of the blog http://sceth-zeal.blogspot.com/2008/08/godfucksatan.html , where it was posted in August 2008.
The godfucksatan lawsuit is going to drown this godfucksatan company. Kill me now.
by Sittias August 10, 2008
godfucksatan is synonymous with seriously, incredibly, fucking, super, really, extremely, crazily. the same as any adverb meaning "very". afaik it was thought up by a guy named chandresh. it could be considered blasphemous.. it could also be considered funny.
school is godfucksatan retarded. i hate it so godfucksatan much.
by maddie? or? or? or? or? or? or August 31, 2008