A form of sexual intimacy, taking place in an ice house. A man is having intercourse in the doggy position, when, precisely at the moment of ejaculation, he thrusts his partner's head in the freezing water.
Rudolph took Emelda ice fishing for their anniversary. He cooked her a delightful dinner of crawdads he had caught from his ice hole. When they finished eating, they became intimate. After five minutes, as Rudolph reached his peak, he shoved Emelda's head into the hole. She gasped, and swallowed a mouthful of freezing water. Kratos had finally slain the God of War.
by Gary A. Condit December 22, 2010
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like the greatest ps2 game of all time with good graphics, awesome gameplay, and lots of blood and guts. BUY THIS GAME.
1. Like whoa i've only played the game less than 10 seconds and i just ripped someone in half with my bare hands.

2. Like Omg I just like got on top of a minotaur and like freakin shoved my blades in his mouth till like 50% of his blood squirted out then when i got off he still wasnt dont bleeding.

3. Like Omg I just ripped medusas head off then turned someone to stone.

4. Like Omg there was this guy begging for his life patheticaly then I just torched him like a human sacrafice just to open the door.

5. Like Omg I just killed this woman by bending her in half backwards.

6. Like Omg if you beat this game you get a shit load of extras.
A game where Kratos seems to be the only real god since the other Gods die more often than mortals themselves.
God of War
Ares: Kratos, youre just a mortal...
Kratos: stabs Ares right between the eyes STFU God of Faggots.
Ares: drops dead... AND bleeding... yeah, Gods do bleed
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
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