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Creator and Lord of all, is often ripped on by 2/3 of the civilised world because they think that being ultimately accountable for their own actions mustn't be a good thing and it's a good safeguard to not believe cos you want to do what you want (e.g. get incredibly drunk, have sex with this girl/boy, take drugs)

Gives free choice yet is often criticised because the fact he knows everything "is proof that we don't have free choice". Right, so cos someone knows what you will do doesn't mean that you can't do something else.

Often treated as a mechanical concept rather than a being with choice.

Is not an argument against the earth being older than 6000 years, original translation of "day" comes from a word meaning "period of time". Could be an age

Portayed as an angry bearded man in the sky just waiting to make you burn in hell as opposed to a friend that loves you and sent his son to die so you are not held accountable to all the bad things everyone has done (and everyone has done bad things, whether they meant it or not)

Often criticised about people "not being a free thinker if they submit to a deity". Many people love to sound clever if they diss God, it gives them a sense of 'individuality' as they do what too many other people are doing (oh and they also read the da vinci code, a popular yet poorly written fiction book. Good story, but as I said, FICTION)

Often said can't exist because of all the people doing evil things in his(or her, or whatever, doesn't really have a gender) name. The bit in the bible about false prophets completely ignored

Even clever people and scientists believed in God, for example:
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
CS Lewis

Even Robert Winston is a practicing Jew!

And last but not least, a faithful, loving friend :)
Has enriched many a person's life and worked wonders in the world (read "the cross and the switchblade" for an example)
"For God loved the world so much, he gave his only son to die so that you may not perish but be given eternal life"

"If people do bad things in my name does that mean I don't exist?"

God created people with a choice. That is, to love him or to not love him. Many people choose not to. But tell me, if God made people to love him robotically instead of making it so they could choose to love him, would that be real love?
by JCJ August 27, 2006
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The aura of everything in existence.
by anonymous February 06, 2003
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a prefix used to emphasize words and/or phrases
god-dammit, god help us, god hates you
by Gerardo (rico suave) May 08, 2003
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God is the supreme creator of the universe. Some may ask "How could God've been here for all time?" Well did it every occur to you that God CREATED TIME ITSELF? HE WAS THERE BEFORE TIME BECAUSE HE CREATED IT! Does that answer your question?

Another famous question is: "Can God make a rock heavier than he can lift?" If he can, he is not omnipotent, and if he cannot, he is once again not omnipotent. This disproves God's omnipotency, right? Wrong. Man cannot comprehend the values of infinity which are associated in this question. Try to understand infinity (God) making a rock heavier than he can lift (infinity). Infinity + Infity = Infinity.

A mathematical equation should end up differently than the values (2 + 2 = 4, for example), yet this isn't the case with infinity. This question cannot be answered by mankind, therefore, it is a fallacy. In other words, THIS FAMOUS QUESTION DOES NOT DISPROVE GOD.
atheism has slaughtered millions, and that's not in the name of God, is it?
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Designated driver. Overall chill guy I guess. Smoked much weed. He was gay.
Hey I smoke weed. Names god. I'm gay.
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Noun. A supreme being that can be consulted using the Google search engine. Gods answers come back in results.
Why go to church when all you have to do is use google?

and remember on of the 10 commendments say to not worship any other gods... that means its agains he 10 connendants to use msn, yahoo, coolwebsearch, etch
by michael February 12, 2005
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someone not as stupid as anyone who has posted for this word, god doesn't exist..great, stop bitching about it and move on with life you little wannabe rebellious teenage fags
ohh wow god doesnt exist, tell me 50 times on this site please!!
by damn June 07, 2003
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The guy that made you!! He's not some random- made up story to make you feel guilty, he planned you, and everything about you because HE LOVES YOU!! and its not some hidden secret, if u actually listen at sunday school, God isnt as confusing as people make him out to be!! He loves you so much that he made you so that you can make your own choices, (thats why not everyone believes in God) Jesus is his son whose whole life was devoted to God and he died for everyone who loves God, so that they dont have to kill animals for everything theyve done wrong, all God wants is a sorry!! If your confused about who God is, your on the net, DO SOME RESEARCH!!! online bible? go John 3:16, Psalm 91, thers so much stuff about him. You were made for a purpose and bought at a price, Be bothered at becoming a Christian and finding out who God is, its the best thing ive ever done!! Amen.
Hey God, do you like this song? Thanks that you care about me and sent your son to die for me just so we can talk. sorry for slipping up AGAIN!! thanks that you love me enough to forgive me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

by God is awesome July 12, 2006
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