Not necessarily a bad thing. A Gobshite, for better or worse, talks incessantly without provocation or purpose and most often without principle. The term Gobshite is Irish in origin, from the old Irish gob, or mouth, and shite, or shit. Shite of the Gob is the primary foundation of the word. It first appeared in print in the “manuscript glossary of US Navy terms” as a word for enlisted men, comparing them to tobacco spit. uses the word to capture a wide range of characters. In their first “Gobshite of the Month” they awarded Gary Busey with “Most Amusing” while also awarding Dr. Phil McGraw with “Most Annoying”. They also refer to their staff as Gobshites. Rightly so, a Gobshite for all their yammer can be quite entertaining, and therefore the term may be used as one of endearment.
(From …’s first ever “Gobshite of the Month” award for “Most Amusing” goes to Gary Busey... If Gobshite was a type of stone than Busey was carved from it. He goes off on unprovoked rants, promotes unfounded (if at all preconceived) conspiracy theories, and gives “advice” in the form of acronyms for virtually every concept entered into the dictionary.
by Bogshite July 10, 2008
one who is so ignorant his father claims Subsidies from the EU argiculture department for him (him being counted as a sheep or bullock)
That person is a gobshite for introducing penalty points
by Árd Mhacha October 08, 2003
a little shit
"you fucking gob shite!"
by your mamas twange August 06, 2003
see jonathon or george bush
george bush
by mick c October 13, 2003
a person who annoys you in a lesson, most commonly in a business studies lesson
Adriano, stop being such a gobshite!!
by Michael Bell January 16, 2007
Someone who is supposedly gay with his cousin.
GM Typer and Coleslaw are Gobshites.
by DeadzeroCustom September 25, 2003
somebody who really piss you off. really useful when you are driving to insult others who do
watch out GOBSHITE! didn't ya see that the semafor was red!
by Daniele September 20, 2003
Someone that get's confused by the following joke:
Q: How do you confuse a Gobshite?
A: Parrot
Tina you're a gobshite
by cathalmsg September 08, 2006

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