(Noun) A person who fucks goats.
Man, Nick Spooner loves fucking goats. He is such a goat fucker.
by Gringo Rameriaz April 12, 2008
An older man, usually in a position of power, that is exceeding cheap. Will often go out of his way to gain money from people under him.
I cleaned that apartment up like a Super 8 motel, and that goat fucker of a landlord that owns half the town screwed me out of my deposit.
by wolf lungs January 18, 2009
A man who takes great pleasure in having sex with a goat
Chris Grigoryan is a Goat Fucker
by Hawk1313 May 26, 2015
1. Any "country boy" that tucks his jeans into his boots to look cool

2. Any guy/girl that dresses and acts country but only does so for attention or attraction

3. A fake country boy/girl
Austin: "Look at Logan with his pants tucked into his boots!"

Jake: "Yea, that Goat Fucker!"
by DieselMechanic22 November 24, 2013
A person who keeps acting up, and thinks they run shit. when there actually a goat fucker. Usually common with arabs born on the month of September, day 23 year 1996. Also a common issue with females with the names that begins with the letter G and ends with the letter A.
Goat fucker: yo bro ur actually a fucking faggot
Matt: stfu goat fucker
Goat fucker: once a goat fucker, always a goat fucker ;)
by a goat fucker December 18, 2013
A person of Greek heritage
Look at that poor goat fucker. It is not bad enough that his wife looks like Aristotle Onassis, but the poor guy has to shag his own goats to get a decent piece of ass. The typical Greek union.
by jonathan does October 12, 2007
any person that is or pretends to be a cowboy.
A person that wears gay tight spandex looking pants and a stupid hat even though you don't live on a farm or own any animals.
Anyone that listens or likes country music and wears those gay multi colored shirts.
"Hey look at that moron in the Wranglers" what a stupid goat fucker!
by Marineassasin13 August 19, 2006

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