A goats ass
I love to ram (see ram) that goat ass!
by The man December 19, 1999
Top Definition
your butt.
fuck me up the goatass!
by jimbo March 16, 2003
Something said when something does now go your way, "right in the goat ass" said when you are angry. Does not litterally mean the anus of a goat. Goes along with Bull fuck. (See Bull Fuck)
Jamie: "He left me because I wouldnt put out!"
Kristin: "Thats bull fuck in the goat ass"

Daniel: "Fuck me in the goat ass!"
Jeff: "What hapened dude?!?"
Daniel: "My car got broken into"
by AdamDtheWizard January 10, 2011
from adam sandler..
"Put up your dukes..."
"I got no fucking dukes"
by not you September 18, 2003
A girl who's gluteous maximus is thickly covered in hair, due to low levels of estrogen.
Man that girl was fine but when she pulled down her pants she had a real goatass. She might as well had hooves.
by jaz October 28, 2004
What happens when you use the bathroom and you still have a little bit of excretement left on your ass.
OMG, he so had a goatass in the locker room.
by hey2all March 23, 2007
A small hole on the left side of a persons neck. Usually located just below the ear and only becomes visible when a person is about to get fucked in it.
You cannot touch my goatass until you're about to fuck it!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003
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