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the act of having sexual relations with a goat and women (optional)
willson likes goat play while recieving a rim job.
by fonze August 22, 2007
The act or actions towards the what has derived from the kingdom Animalia under the phylum Chordata. This class of mammalia falls under the order of artidoactyla and belongs in the bovidae family. That's right, we're talking about the genus species: Capra hircus. Others may refer to it as the "Domestic Goat"
Any or all of the following:
Rim Jobs
Hand Jobs
Consumption/Distribution of schmagma
Finger Fucking
Straight up beastality

*usually done by those named or have any genetic relations to those named Peter
**A very common act of those in Illinois
"Look at the little goat over there, it sure don't know I'm ready for some goatplay!"

"HOT DAMN! They just got goatplayed"

"She really smelled funky, almost as if she had some goatplay before she came over"

"Those who voted for Kerry were straight up goatplayers"
by Demattias January 26, 2006
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