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A Goat Pig is a ugly Bitch, fat looks like shit... Every pub or night club has its goat pigs, often with there fat tits hanging out.

"Mate, did you see that goat pig, what a fucking state"

"Fuck off you goat pig"

"Take your face for a shit you goat pig!"
by whatafuckinghero February 26, 2007

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a rather violent game invented by me & brother. Involves covering yourself in your duvet, and getting your opponent to smack you with a pillow until you submit. You then swap over and whoever lasts the longest, wins. There are other versions of goatpig which include 1-on-1.
be violent!
abuse eachother!
try and survive the longest as the goatpig!
by Tom Birch August 06, 2007