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Derived from "fo sheeze" when it was misheard.
"Goat cheese, I'll be going to the party tonight."
by trev24 October 25, 2003
The little off-white colored chunks that come from the back of your throat and smell like shit or bad breathe concentrated twenty times. It has a consistency similar to cheese.
I was hawking a lougie and suddenly a piece of goat cheese came out of nowhere. It smelled like total shit.
by FlashpointGSX October 26, 2008
1. Derived from the smell that commonly permeates from a dirty woman's vagina.

2. Associated with the thought of a hungry,"man eating vagina," usually found with women who have camel toes.

3. A female public accountants favorite cheese.
"It's ok not to shower on Saturdays, you like my goat cheese." "Pet me." "Feed me." "I love goat cheese, BMW."
by T-Bag G. April 06, 2012
A man/woman that has'nt taken a shower for 3 days.
"Man,i party hard for 3 days,and my balls probably smell like goat cheese!"
by Little GoGo Kitty January 16, 2009