a handbag knock-off of coach. a very obvious fake with large G print all over the bag instead of the signature C's. the name "Goach" originates from the combination of "Coach" and "Gucci." People who have these purses make fools out of themselves.
what the hell is that. oh its a goach. what an idoit
by bananaphone June 03, 2007
Top Definition
A cheap knock-off of a designer handbag. A combination of the names "Gucchi" and "Coach". Ususally painfully obvious that the bag is a fake.
Look at her flaunting that goach like she's all that. What a moron.
by Juni Wolfen July 29, 2005
a term used by many koreans meaning dick or penis. It sounds extremely similar to the korean way for saying dick or penis. Can also be used as a term for a sport team's coach.
"Leo completely flinched from saving that goal. He has no goach."
"My goach is 10 times bigger than yours."
"I miss goach Mike. He helped to be where I am today."
by goachmike April 16, 2013
A gay coach. Usually a gay guy that you go to for well gay advice. You can ask things such as how to find the perfect guy, nearest gay bars, finding local guys to be JUST friends, etc.
"Hey, meet my goach, Scott"
"I need to call my goach"
"Anal? I'm not sure... I'll ask my goach!"
by RonGuy May 15, 2013
a shorter term in korean that means "penis" or "dick"
That guy's such a goach.
by Megaman1157 May 20, 2012
An Infected butt pimple on a gorilla. ( See Noach )
That Goach is disgusting, someone needs to pop it fast!
by I AM THAT GUYYY September 14, 2010
A fake as purse that is a uly ass look alike of a coach bad. Usually w/ jiant G's all over the bag ..and it aint guess
Yo check out that girl tryin to bling her Goach, she ghetto as all.
by stomper November 18, 2003
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