An extremely hoe-ish girl; slut; prostitute; a girl whore.
Oh, Megan is such a goho! Don't listen to her.
by i love my sexy November 23, 2006
Top Definition
Contraction for "Go Horizontal" ... the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee move where a player propels himself horizontally, parallel to the playing surface, in an attempt to catch a disc thrown to him. Similar to a move in baseball where an infielder leaps and stretches to snag a sharply hit ball just barely within his reach.
"Dude, I had to completely 'go ho' to get that one."
by abc July 16, 2004
A female tease that will tongue down you and all your friends, but wont go any further.
Vinnie was all proud he tongued down Katie, but actually it's no big thing, she's just a GoHo.
by Count February 03, 2004
a "Go" "Ho" is a chick (Ho) that "Go's" (Kisses, tounges down etc) with every guy at the bar.

Also could be used to describe a woman that only lets you kiss her and puts the brakes on before anything else happens.
Stop bragging about how you hooked up with that chick, she's just a Go Ho, she does it with everybody.

You're wasting your time, she's a Go Ho.
by Mean Savin November 23, 2004
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