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After the sunk of a Cruiser in the Mediterranean, this is the notorious sentence captured in the phone dialogue between the chief harbor master and the coward captain responsible of this unfortunate event, who abandoned the vessel before all passenger were led to safely.
HM: Captain, could you provide a report of the current situation on board the vessel?
CC: I know nothing, I am not on board anymore.
HM: This is not acceptable! A captain is supposed to leave his vessel only when the abandonment and rescue operation are completed.
CC: Somebody pushed me into a life boat!
HM: Fair enough, now listen to me. You go on board, fuck! And coordinate the operation like a real captain!
CC: But I cannot! I wish but...
HM: My goodness. Captain, are you refusing to go on board, fuck!?
CC: Yes, it is too dark there! I want to go to an hotel and forget all this story.
HM: Listen to me and listen carefully, you go on board now, otherwise I am going to ream your coward ass. Capish?!
CC: OK, I will go on board.

- HM: Harbor Master
- CC: Captain Coward
by themilfonian February 10, 2012
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